My fragrance for life!

Perfume with an impact

Immerse yourself in the world of fragrances: let yourself be seduced by patchouli, stimulated by mandarin
and refreshed by birch. Discover the creations of international top perfumers.

Pamper yourself and your surroundings with a hint of luxury and exclusivity.
Enjoy the positive effect and delight in nice compliments.

Five new fragrances that reflect life in all its facets and affect your own unique being.

We love all products that promote well-being and give us strength for everyday life! So, to go with our new fragrances, there are also the matching magnetic jewellery pieces from MAGNETIX Wellness.
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Perfume with impact meets jewellery with impact!

Whatever moves us, whether it is physical or psychological, nature offers us a wealth of active ingredients with which we can positively influence our health and well-being.

Development of the fragrances of international top perfumers

Intensive and long-lasting fragrance notes

Matching magnetic jewellery collection to go with each fragrance

MAGNETIX Wellness uses the forces of nature

Free magnetic jewellery for collective orderers

We perceive these fragrances as the very first in a perfume. They evaporate after a few minutes and give the heart fragrance space to fully develop.

The heart of the perfume contains fragrance notes that are perceptible for a particularly long time – up to three days. The heart fragrance determines the character of the perfume.

The base note holds the longest, its fragrances are perceptible for up to a week. That’s why heavy fragrances are often used here.

Introductory offer valid until 15 April 2016

When you buy a fragrance for £31, get a charm pendant* or one of these textile bracelets of your choice worth £26!

*with magnet

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A real well-being fragrance, light, gentle & warm

With gardenia, which has a fragrance with an anxiety-reducing and relaxing effect, and sensuously warming vanilla this perfume is ideal for stressful times.

The flower of life is the perfect symbol: it harmonises and strengthens.

Head note
Raspberry, peach, gardenia

Heart note
Orchid, jasmine, rose

Base note
Patchouli, vanilla

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A flowery, almost cheerful fragrance that inspires.

Warmth, sensuality, harmony and relaxation: a fragrance cocktail of jasmine, sandalwood, rose, ambergris and musk provides more lightness and joie de vivre in stressful times.

The stylised jasmine flower stands for perfect balance – just what we want for our lives.

Head note
Blackcurrant, lychee, rose, raspberry

Heart note
Violet, rose, jasmine

Base note
Caramel, musk, ambergris, sandalwood

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A stimulating fragrance that re-energises.

Bergamot and mandarin are all about good mood; jasmine, sandalwood and leather create a cosy ambiance that promotes relaxation. Ideal for times when your motivation needs a boost.

A great fragrance which the tree of life goes with: it stands for healthy growth and a positive future.

Head note
Bergamot, green mandarin

Heart note
Lily of the valley, white jasmine, raspberry

Base note
Sandalwood, leather, patchouli, musk

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This unisex fragrance is fresh and exciting, warm and sensual.

Ginger, cinnamon and saffron conjure up a spicy note, birch refreshes, musk and patchouli provide a touch of sex appeal. A fragrance for every day!

Birch is a symbol full of vital energy. It stands for a new start, love and happiness – so much power that we can draw on!

Head note
Armoise ess, Birch, Ginger

Heart note
Lily of the valley, lotus, Orcanox

Base note
Musk, ambergris, patchouli

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A fruity and flowery fragrance that is said to strengthen the nerves.

Pink pepper strengthens and stimulates, bergamot and cedarwood can have a calming effect and juniper a balancing effect. At the same time orange blossom and nutmeg refresh, vanilla gives a good mood and cosy warmth.

A great fruity and floral fragrance with properties that are perfectly symbolised by the juniper symbol – as it has both a balancing and an exciting effect.

Head note
Pink pepper, Juniper berry, Lychee, Tangerine

Heart note
Rose abs, Orange Blossom, Plum, Ylang Ylang

Base note
Heliotrope, Vetyver, Patchouli

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A really attractive offer for collective orderers

Introduce our fragrances to your friends and acquaintances and become a collective orderer. This way you can very easily secure our attractive pendants or the charm bracelet from the Fragrances flyer as a thankyou.

We have put together two very special offers for you:

Collect 5 perfume orders: 1 pendant free of charge!

When you buy 5 fragrances to a value of £155 for yourself or as a collective orderer for friends and acquaintances, you will receive one of our 5 pendants of your choice or the charm bracelet worth £39 * as a gift.

Pendant of your choice or charm bracelet**


* Pendant 4198: £7.76 extra
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Collect 3 perfume orders: 1 pendant half price!

When you buy 3 fragrances to a value of £93 for yourself or as a collective orderer for friends and acquaintances, you will receive one of our 5 pendants of your choice or the charm bracelet worth £39* half price – you save £19.50.

Pendant of your choice or charm bracelet**


* Pendant 4198: £19.50
** Bracelet without charms: pendant without connector and chain

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MAGNETIX Wellness – magnetic jewellery, accessories and wellness products

The power heart can be worn on the shoulder or back for example. The strong magnet sits directly on the skin, the counterpiece holds it in just the right place.

* With copper

Magnets are one of the many fascinating wonders of nature.
Magnetism is something we can neither see nor hear, neither feel nor smell. Magnetism is the power that provides order – on our earth and in the whole universe.

Most of our pieces of jewellery are made of stainless steel.
Some also contain copper which is much valued for its antibacterial properties.

Our symbol charm/pendants each contain a magnet in their striking design.

You will find a large selection of magnetic jewellery, accessories & wellness products in our online shop.

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